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Ethereum testnet networks

This tutorial goes through using the Ethereum Kovan network, which is being phased out. It will be updated shortly to use Goerli instead.

This tutorial will walk you through writing a front-end app that uses RenVM to mint BTC to an Ethereum smart contract. It is designed to be a quick introduction to RenVM and should be read together with the other examples, which provide more in-depth explanations.


  1. Smart Contract - Write a basic smart contract that can mint renBTC
  2. React Setup - Setup the React repo
  3. Chain Transactions - Write a component for handling chain transactions
  4. Gateway Transactions - Write a component for handling gateway transactions
  5. Gateways - Handle creating new gateways
  6. App - Create the top-level App component


The code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub:, and a live version can be found here: