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Chain Interface


All chains implement a standard ChainCommon interface:


addressExplorerLink - return a link to the address's page in an explorer

assetDecimals - return the provided asset's number of decimals

formattedTransactionHash - convert a URL-base64 transaction hash into the chain's standard transaction hash format

getBalance - fetch the provided address's balance for the provided asset

transactionConfidence - return a transaction's current number of confirmations

transactionExplorerLink - return a link to the transaction's page in an explorer

validateAddress - check if the address's format is valid

validateTransaction - check if the transaction's format is valid

withProvider - overwrite the chain's provider

populateChainTransaction - generate the fields of a ChainTransaction from its transaction hash (and vOut for UTXO chains)


chain - the name of the chain

assets - an object containing assets supported by the chain

network - the chain's current network config