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Ren Client Docs

Welcome to the Ren Client Docs. This website contains information for interacting with Ren and RenVM.

It documents the tools that have been used to build the Ren Bridge (, the Command Center ( and other tools and sites.

Start by chosing one of the main categories:

  • General - general concepts about developing with RenVM
  • RenJS - an SDK for integrating with RenVM to mint and burn ren-assets
    • Tutorial - start building with RenJS and RenVM
  • Contracts - for learning about RenVM's on-chain smart contracts
  • Stats APIs - for querying stats of RenVM's on-chain usage/activity
  • JSON-RPC - for interacting directly with RenVM's nodes

More links:

  • Ren wiki - docs on lower-level details and the inner workings of the RenVM network
  • Command Center - for RenVM stats and for managing darknode
  • Bridge - the official interface for minting and burning ren-assets
  • Dev Tools / Explorer - for looking up RenVM transactions

Other documentation: