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Previous Upgrades


This page documents previous upgrades to the mainnet contracts.

The contracts are governed by a Multisig with a 7-day timelock. Over time, more parties will be added to this Multisig.

Previous upgrades

Upgrade 1 - 2020

The minting fees on Ethereum were updated to 25 BPS (0.25%).

Upgrade 2 - June 11 2021

The BTC, ZEC and BCH gateway contracts on Ethereum were updated to support the RenVM v0.4 upgrade, while remaining backwards compatible with the v0.2 mint signature format.

Upgrade 3 - June 28 2021

Mint and burn fees were set to 0 for all assets across all networks, so that fees can be collected directly in RenVM.

Planned upgrades

Upgrade 4

This upgrade will add support for specifying a target chain when burning ren-assets.