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Contract: ProtocolLogicV1

ProtocolLogicV1 implements the getter functions for the Protocol proxy as well as onlyOwner functions for updating the values in ProtocolState.

Inherits from:

  • IGatewayRegistry
  • ProtocolStateV1
  • Claimable
  • Ownable
  • Context
  • Initializable


initialize (address _nextOwner) (public)

darknodeRegistry () → contract DarknodeRegistryLogicV1 (public)

darknodeRegistryStore () → contract DarknodeRegistryStore (public)

renToken () → contract RenToken (public)

darknodePayment () → contract DarknodePayment (public)

darknodePaymentStore () → contract DarknodePaymentStore (public)

darknodeSlasher () → contract DarknodeSlasher (public)

gatewayRegistry () → contract GatewayRegistry (public)

getGateways (address _start, uint256 _count) → address[] (external)

getRenTokens (address _start, uint256 _count) → address[] (external)

getGatewayByToken (address _tokenAddress) → contract IGateway (external)

getGatewayBySymbol (string _tokenSymbol) → contract IGateway (external)

getTokenBySymbol (string _tokenSymbol) → contract IERC20 (external)

_updateDarknodeRegistry (contract DarknodeRegistryLogicV1 _newDarknodeRegistry) (public)

Update the address of DarknodeRegistry. This could affect the addresses of DarknodeRegistryStore, DarknodePayment, DarknodePaymentStore and DarknodeSlasher.

_updateGatewayRegistry (contract GatewayRegistry _newGatewayRegistry) (public)

Update the address of GatewayRegistry. This could affect the addresses of all of the gateways and tokens.

_payableAddress (address a) → address payable (internal)